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    How much light do you want?        
Diameter Light Covers Light Output Max Length
10" 150 SQ. Ft. Up to 3-100
Watt Lamps
12 Feet
14" 300 SQ. FT Up to 5-100
Watt Lamps
24 Feet
Saves Energy
Natural Light Tubular skylights meet Energy Star Criteria throughout the United States.
UV-Factor: 0.43
SHGC: 0.24

U-Factor: The lower the value the rate of heat flow. Less heat flows so heating and cooling bills are reduced.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Measures ability to block heat caused by sunlight. The lower the SHGC the more it reduces air conditioning costs.

All thermal performance values are NFRC Certified and are listed in the NFRC Product Directory.

Leak-proof Flashing
Durable, one peice seamless roof flashing eliminates leaks. Flashing kits (aluminum) have a design pressure rating of  +/- 100 pst.
Skylights meet ASTM E331 Water Penetration Resistance Standard.